How We Worship

At Fellowship, all of our worship seeks to remember the Story of God while inviting worshipers to respond to the good news of the gospel. All of our worship seeks to invite thoughtful and heartfelt participation in the work of personal and global transformation God does in and through worship.

Our two weekly services each have a distinct style that reflects the natural expressions of the communities that worship at those times. While certain musical styles may be common in a given service, we believe that there is much blessing and wisdom to be gained from borrowing from Christians of all times and places.

A service for families of earlier risers who desire a more intimate worship setting. Music at this service favors classical and folk expressions using organ and acoustic instruments.  Nursery is not staffed but will be open for parents to use.

A lively service that favors current, contemporary music expressions led with a worship band. Children and youth ages 3 years old through 8th grade are dismissed prior to the sermon for Children & Worship and Sunday School (except on Better Together Sundays).

About 10 Sundays a year, we invite all children and Sunday School Teachers to remain in the sanctuary for the full worship service for Better Together Sundays. (Nursery and Children & Worship are still available.)

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Fellowship Church welcomes all individuals and families affected by disabilities. If you need assistance, please ask at the Welcome Center.


What We Believe

We are not our own, but belong to God in Jesus Christ. When we gather as a community for worship, we are living into our identity and our calling as the Body of Christ in and for the world.  

Worship is first and foremost about God’s action. Worship is not possible without the work of the Holy Spirit within us nor is it acceptable to God without Christ’s mediation. Therefore, our role in worship is to respond in gratitude to the work that the triune God has done in history and is doing in and through each of us.

Worship in community is a central means of transformation for God’s people. We affirm that our primary goal in worship is not to receive, but to offer our whole selves and all that we have to God and to one another. For this reason, we seek to worship in such a way that invites the highest level of thoughtful and heartfelt participation through the creative use of structures, music, creeds, and prayers that are historic and current, local and global.

Worship gives us a glimpse of God’s kingdom fully realized on earth; a kingdom where all of creation is restored, all people participate in God’s Story, and God’s glory floods the earth.

Want to learn more about why and how we worship? read our Statement of Worship here


Get Involved

Being involved in worship is central to our life here at Fellowship. There are a variety of ways to be involved, including playing music on the worship team or bell choir, creating art, or serving as a sound or projection tech. Please click HERE to fill out an interest form.

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Tell Us How We're Doing

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