Please join us for our Sunday services at 8:30 & 10am.

Journey Groups Forming

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Journey Groups are a place to connect with others in a small group setting to share fellowship, stories, and life with one another. We will be “journeying” through Leaving Egypt as our discussion guide. Groups meet monthly November - June. 

If you are interested in joining or leading a Journey Group, please click here.




Fall Festival & Chili Cook-Off


October 25, 5:45-7:30pm

The cook-off begins at 5:45...bring your best chili to share (sign up HERE)! Then stay for fun, intergenerational games and activities.

The Journey Sermon Series

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This fall, we embark on a worship series we are entitling, The Journey. We can see our lives as a journey, a journey from birth to death. Our congregation is also on a unique journey this year as we move through a time of transition. But maybe the most compelling reason the metaphor of “Journey” works is because we find it throughout scripture.

Our initial focus will be on the journey out of Egypt. We will be invited to move out of the things that enslave us and into the home God has promised us. It is a journey out of fear and into faith and trust, even as we stumble through the wilderness.

Join us for this remarkable pilgrimage; a journey through the Biblical story to discover how God desires us to leave fear and enslavement behind and move into faith and freedom in Christ.

To watch, listen to, or read past sermons in this series, click here.