Please join us for our Sunday services at 8:30 & 10am.

Fellowship Softball


Come out and support our co-ed and men's teams!

The co-ed team plays Monday nights and the men's team plays Thursdays. Click on the pictures below for schedules and current standings.

  Co-ed team schedule

Co-ed team schedule

  Men's Team Schedule

Men's Team Schedule

Thortysomethings 80s Party!

Friday, June 29, 6:30pm

at the Tracy's

Break out your best leg warmers and turn up your collar! We are looking forward to a fun night of karaoke, Tab soda, and big bangs! 80's attire optional, but encouraged.

Bring an appetizer or a beverage to share. All are welcome!

Free Flyers Croquet Tournament

Saturday, June 23, 6pm

at the Jansma’s

Have fun and dress the part! Women often wear sundresses, linen, khaki and sun hats. Men often wear white dress shirt, polo shirt, khaki pants and bow tie, argyle socks and hat. However, if you want to wear something else- please do :)

Beverages and food stations will encourage you throughout the course. Teams will be organized upon arrival, with a sunset finish for all.

Please bring your favorite drinks and an appetizer to share.

Everyone is welcome, please RSVP to

And When We Pray

Our Father.png

Jesus gave us the gift of the Lord’s Prayer. Not because he relies on it or needs to hear it. But because he knows that we are more faithful and faith-filled when we rely on it and speak it. The Lord’s Prayer keeps our posture humble, our words faithful, and God at our center. It is our script when we cannot find the words. It is our guide when we feel lost. It is our promise and hope when all hope seems lost.

In this Summer Sermon Series, And When We Pray, we will take a closer look at the Lord’s Prayer. From the occasion of its first utterance, to the beautiful themes of glory, surrender, forgiveness, and more. We will also contribute to a prayer wall throughout the summer, filling the Gallery wall with our prayers that pour forth from the Lord’s Prayer.

Our hope is that we will be open to God’s word, and in particular, the prayer offered by Jesus, and allow it to draw us deeper into a life of faithfulness, mercy, and love.