Fall 2019 Adult Discipleship


Apprentice of Jesus | Sun. | 6pm

What if it were possible to actually live the kind of life Jesus modeled and taught? After all, Jesus made some pretty big promises about what life could look like: a life without anger and free from jealousy, a faith that outlasts failure and hope that endures the most discouraging of circumstances, even fellowship with God.

Better Together Bible Study | Wed. | 6:30pm

Explore the weekly Bible text with observation, interpretations, application. Bring your Bible!

The A.C.T.S. of Prayer | Wed. | 6:30pm

An introductory course on prayer, talking about and modeling prayer. Whatever your comfort level is with prayer, this is for you.

Scripture Arts Ensemble | Wed. | 6:30pm

Delving into Scripture & engaging text through enactments, memorization, tableau, and image work. Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, starting 9/25.

Community Conversations | Wed. | 6:30pm

A classroom discipleship experience designed to help people think and live Christ like in today’s complex world.

WORDS MAKE WORLDS: “Come sit at my table…” “You always…” “Great job!” “I’m sorry…” Yes, Words make Worlds. It has been so since the very beginning when God spoke the world into being. Then it was promises made, laws prescribed, lies told, and prophecies proclaimed - and even the Word made Flesh in the person named Jesus. All of these are world making words. Even now, everyday new words are spoken & so new worlds are made. In this 3 part series for Fellowship’s Community Conversations we intend to explore some hidden bible words that are notoriously “world making words” - ones that are quite likely to transform not only the way you read the text but also the way you live your life. Pastor Ross will be join joined by expert teachers Dr. Travis West and Dr. John Brogan.

Sept. 11 - Words to Know by Heart (Ross Dieleman)
Sept. 18 - Ancient Words, Ever True: OT Edition (Dr. Travis West)
Sept. 25 - Ancient Words, Ever New: NT Edition (Dr. John Brogan)