Pastoral Care Ministries: Our pastors have a rotating schedule of on-call availability. Please call 616-566-1312 in emergency.

  • Pastors—are here to shepherd our congregation. Pastoral care can include:
    • crisis counseling
    • hospital visits
    • prayer before surgery
    • home visits
    • funerals
    • grief counseling
    • marriage & pre-marriage counseling
    • care follow-up
  • Parish Nurse— responds to the health needs of our members.
    • health care for members, including home & hospital visits
    • health consultations
    • advocacy & awareness
    • resources & training
    • free medical equipment rental
  • Prayer Chain— supports the needs of members, families, and friends through intercession. To receive prayer requests, or if you would like to communicate a prayer need, please call Bea Kulier at 399-9266. 

Consistory Care Ministries: Our Consistory members and Parish Teams are available for prayer, visits, and care follow up. Please check the website or call the front office for the name of your Parish elder and deacon, and their contact information. 

  • Care Elders & Deacons—Members of the Consistory care for congregation members in their parish through:
    • home visits, praying with members in crisis, attending funerals, and home communion
  • Parish Teams—These teams offer care to members in their parish:
    • follow-up to care needs
    • calls & cards
    • house visitations

Community Groups: At Fellowship, a primary way we offer care to one another is through relationship. We have a variety of community groups available through which care is given and received. These include: small groups, missional communities, breakfast and lunch groups, prayer groups, and book studies.

In-Home Care Ministries: These care ministries provide in-home care to congregation members during times of need. 

  • Meals Ministry—providing meals for members during times of need.
  • Visitation Community—visits at home and in care facilities to show God’s love through all life’s circumstances.
  • Home Communion Team— bring communion to the homes of parishioners and pray with them (often in times of difficulty, illness, grief, or restricted mobility). 

Compassionate Care Ministries: Our Compassionate Care ministries provide care to those who are experiencing joy or sorrow at particular times of life.

  • Cards and Calls Team—reaching out through cards and calls to show God’s love in joys and sorrows.
  • Grief Support Team—journeying with those who have experienced grief or loss through friendship, conversation, calls, visits, and special events