Search Team Continuing

The MLC has asked the members of the Search Team to return in that role as we continue the search for a Minister of Preaching and Congregational Leadership. They have actively begun reviewing the names of candidates, and referrals are welcome. Information requested: 

  1. Name of person being recommended
  2. Church where the person currently serves
  3. Contact information for this person (phone or email)
  4. How do you know or know about this person?

Contact a Search Team member or you may reach the Search Team at Members of the search team are:

  • Kristin Garris (Chair)
  • Gwen Auwerda
  • Duane Bosma
  • Patrick Cisler (MLC)
  • Jan Dalman
  • Barb Eriks (President & MLC)
  • Dick Schaap (CLC)
  • Paul Solis
Renee Krueger