Lead Pastor Search Narrowed to 2 Candidates

Kristin Garris, search team chair, provided an update at the annual congregational meeting on April 22, 2018. The search team, after numerous interviews, has narrowed the search from 32, to 9, to 7, and now 2 candidates. We are moving from a season of interviews to a season of relationship building.

Over the coming weeks, the search team will be asking the candidates to meet with our transition leadership team of Pastor Nate, Pastor Lindsay, and Steve Braunius (Minister of Operations and Ministry Implementation). The search team will also be spending time with the candidates and including some members of the congregation to join in these conversations. Because both candidates are currently serving in other congregations, the search team will be keeping the names private as a way to protect them until we discern the final candidate.

The team is hoping to have a final candidate selected in June and bring that person to consistory and the congregation for review and approval. Please pray for clarity, wisdom, and unity as we enter this final season of the lead pastor search process.

Renee Krueger