Interim Minister Discernment Decision

On July 24, the MLC met to discern clarity about whether to hire an interim minister or not while we are in our transition between Senior Pastors.

First, here is a brief description of the process used:

  1. Create a list of pros and cons for hiring an interim minister (which we called a Specialized Transition Minister, or STM or short) and a list of pros and cons for going without.
  2. Give a weight to the pros and the cons. This was done simply by divvying up 5 dots to each person to be distributed to any of the items that were deemed most important. 
  3. Look at the total picture and make an assessment of which items carried more weight than others and look at the balance of where that weight fell - more toward having an STM or more toward not?
  4. Individually pray for 5 minutes about the our own discernment of what we would recommend.
  5. Check-in with each person to see what he or she would recommend. 

After completing this full process, the MLC found that each person individually recommended that we NOT hire an STM. This gave a very clear direction after exploring both sides of the possibility.

This recommendation was then forwarded on to the full Consistory for approval. The Consistory affirmed this recommendation and decided to proceed WITHOUT hiring an interim minister.

This decision was announced during services on August 6 & 13, 2017.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support during this time of transition. Please let Steve Braunius or Rodger Price know if you have any questions or comments

Renee Krueger