Transition Timeline Updates

Things are running smoothly thanks to the great staff we have and the many volunteers who help with the ministry and leadership tasks that are needed. Thank you to all of you that are playing a role in the leadership and operation of Fellowship Church!

Here are some of the things that are going on in our transition:

  • The Transition Team continues to meet every two weeks to monitor progress and to share ideas for how to navigate our transition in the best possible way.
  • Pastor Nate, Pastor Lindsay, Steve Braunius, and Rodger Price meet every week to make sure we are on the same page regarding the normal tasks that need to be covered from week to week.
  • The MLC and Full Consistory are close to making a decision of whether to hire an Interim Minister or not. This will be decided by the end of August at the latest.
  • After the final listening sessions are completed on August 6 and 13, we will look through all that was heard and then begin to kick off our search process. We will also do an on-line survey to learn what you think will be important to look for in our new pastor.
  • Jon Brown, our Classis Supervisor, helped us learn that there is a normal rhythm for when most pastoral calls are made. Pastors often start considering a new call after the busyness of the fall kick-off, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season, so it’s normally in January and February. Decisions to accept a call are often made in the spring, and then the on-boarding happens in summer. As such, while we are open to moving faster than this, we realize that we need to be ready for this kind of timing.
  • Our plan is to form our Search Team this fall, help them become clear on who we’re looking for, and then begin the actual search in January. In the meantime we can reach out to pastors that interest us with the hope of creating some interest in us.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support during this time of transition. Please let Steve or Rodger know if you have any questions or comments that you believe would be helpful.

Renee Krueger