Transition Team meets with Larry Schuyler

The Transition Team met this morning with Larry Schuyler from the Holland Classis. The Holland Classis is a group of churches in the Holland area who work together and are all part of the Reformed Church in a America. The Holland Classis will work with us to appoint a Classis Supervisor. This will be a person who will help ensure that we follow a good process through the transition, using best practices that the Reformed Church has identified. The team reviewed people in the area who might be good in this role. Larry Schuyler and Rodger Price, President of Congregation, will be setting up a meeting with our top choices. The Classis Supervisor will meet with consistory and other groups on a regular basis.

The Team also talked about:

  • the work that is being done in preparation for celebrating the Keepers family on June 4
  • the preaching schedule for the Summer which will be published in the upcoming newsletter
  • ways we might take time as a congregation to grieve in the loss of Pastor Brian
  • the importance of prayer and a prayer team
Renee Krueger