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Better Together All Church Retreat

March 8-10 Timber Wolf Lake, Lake City, MI
$60/person (max $200 per family) for standard accommodations
$125/person for premium adult only accommodations (limited number available)
Costs include 2 nights lodging (each family gets their own room and linens are provided), 3 meals Saturday, and brunch on Sunday.
Arrival is Friday evening (first activity at 8pm), departure Sunday by noon.

Do you remember the joy of going on a retreat with your friends? How about that feeling you get when you step into a hotel and it is much nicer than you expected? Well, we have an opportunity for both of those experiences to come true! Join your Fellowship Church friends on the All Church Retreat at Timber Wolf Lake Young Life camp this March. This is a Five-Star “Camp” with great accommodations, above-average food ☺, and plenty of fun activities. Most importantly, you can experience a deep sense of community and belonging with your brothers and sisters from Fellowship. If you haven’t done anything like this before, consider taking the risk and joining us – it will be a great weekend. Sign up here!

All Church Retreat Planning Team
Clark, DeForest, Patchin, Price, Schipper, Small, and Vant’Hof families

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