Our Mission is to love God and others as an
accepting community, centered in Christ, focused on developing faithful followers of Jesus.

Core Values

  • Focused on Discipleship

  • Committed to be Missional

  • Gift-based, Passion-driven Ministry

  • Authentic, Dynamic Worship

  • Faithful Stewardship

  • Devoted to Prayer

  • Obedience to Scripture and the Holy Spirit

  • Christ-centered

  • Grace-oriented

  • Created for Community


Fellowship Reformed Church is part of the Reformed Church in America, a denomination with history in the United States dating to 1628. We are committed to a faith which is Reformed, Evangelical and Ecumenical.

  • We are Reformed...
    We trace our roots to the Reformation of the church which occured in the 15th and 16th Centuries, especially as expressed by John Calvin. The Reformed faith finds its authority in the Old and New Testaments which are our only rule for faith and practice. These scriptures are inspired by God's Spirit and are authoritative in all they intend to teach. The basics of our faith have historically been expressed in four "Standards of Unity": The Heidelberg Catechism, The Belgic Confession, The Canons of Dort and The Belhar Confession. Our foundational Reformed affirmation is that we are a people who have been chosen by God to belong to God and each other in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, through our fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

  • We are Evangelical...
    We believe the supreme revelation of God's grace and love for the world was Word who became flesh in Jesus of Nazareth, who proclaimed the Kingdom of God, and declared the Good News of salvation. We believe we experience forgiveness of sin and abundant life now and for eternity, only by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, and we are called to declare the Good News to God's world.

  • We are Ecumenical...
    We are committed to the apostolic faith embraced by the universal Christian church, which proclaims our belief in a Trinitarian God: God the Father, Creator and Lord of all, who graciously upholds and governs this world, and personally cares for us. God the Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior; born of the virgin, crucified, risen and reigning with God as king throughout eternity; the means of our forgiveness; constant source of comfort and hope. God the Holy Spirit, author of our faith, power to live our lives in Christ, sanctifier and renewer of our spirit, giver of gifts for ministry, comforter and guide throughout life's journey.