Last summer 17 people connected with Fellowship traveled to Israel-Palestine with Marlin and Josh Vis to host an arts camp at Shepherd’s High School in Bet-Sahour (near Bethlehem). This summer we’re going back, only this time we will host both an arts camp and a sports camp for nearly 100 students! This trip is sponsored by the RCA Peace Project and the dates for the trip are July 18 – July 30. The first five days will included a tour of the Holy Land and an opportunity to meet people representing different perspectives on the current situation in the Middle East. The final four days will involve putting on the camps.

Check out this article in the RCA Today for more information on the details of the trip!

A significant portion of proceeds from sales of Joel Schoon-Tanis’ book 40 and prints of his paintings are designated towards supporting this mission trip. Visit his website:

Are you interested in joining us? Express your interest by filling out this form and we will be in contact with more information!

Questions? Talk to Sally Vis