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Transition Updates

As we move through this period of transition between pastors, updates will be posted on our blog. Updates will also come via newsletters, the bulletin, enews, announcements, and direct emails and mailings to the congregation.

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Fellowship Men's Softball Team

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A Strong History


"Amazing things happen when God plants the seed of faith in people. Abraham and Sarah who were too old to have children became the parents of a nation that numbered more than the stars in the heavens and the sands of the sea. Forty plus years ago this property belonged to an older couple, Tom and Janet Reimink. They farmed on this property and were known for growing beautiful gladiolas. Tom and Janet had a dream. It was their hope that someday there would be a church on their property.

In April of 1966, six families got together and began to talk about the need for a new church on the north side of Holland. One of those people was Jo Cook, a ninety-five year old charter member. Some years later, Jo wrote the following about the desire of the group: “Needing a church meant we had a desire for others to know God with us.”

In June of 1966, a first worship service was held at Waukazoo School, attended by 125 people." Read more (pdf) by clicking here.

At the Water's Edge Sermon Series

Water seems to be everywhere in scripture. In Genesis we see God’s creating Spirit hovering over the waters. We see the destructive power of water when God destroys the world with a flood. Christ often taught near or on water, even walking on it and commanding it to “be still!:" And these are just a few examples! The Bible is drenched with stories of water.

As we enter into our summer series At the Water’s Edge, we want to invite you to send us your photos of water. Maybe you have some photos of a special vacation, or you helped build a well on a mission trip, or you work on or with water for your job. Each week we’ll select a handful of submissions to hang in the narthex outside of the sanctuary as way of helping us appreciate the beauty of water and connect the many portrayals of water in scripture with the ways we interact with water in our daily lives.

Share your photos by sharing them to social media with the hashtag #frcwater, email them to Renee, or upload them to our shared folder. Please make sure to indicate the location of your photo.

To watch, listen to, or read past sermons in this series, click here.